Applicant 3

Application Process

Tokens Application Process

Applicatin DateToken IDToken LevelStepProgressStatusEnd Of Process Date
01/02/202373Pkjd58p2mgLEVEL 1Token Generation100%Granted15/05/2023
01/02/2023 SOEvzd4fttVk Level 2 Rejection Notification 100% Rejected15/05/2023
15/09/2023EgHirOdhPcurLevel 2 Token Generation 100% Granted30/09/2023
01/11/2023SOEvzd4fttVkLevel 3 Document checks 50% Processing-


Alive Tokens​

Service providersToken Access statusAccess DateGrant ButtonReject Buttontoken levelOnboardOnboarding decision Date
Banca di Geneva Granted15/05/23 Level 1 Yes01/06/2023
International broker of Zurich Granted10/09/23 Level 1 In progress 20/09/2023
Banque du lac Granted12/10/23 Level 2 No01/11/2023
Global insurance Pending Validation N/A Level 2 N/A N/A
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