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At K1C, we understand that every client's risk profile is unique, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions for your KYC (Know Your Customer) needs. To ensure a seamless and efficient onboarding experience, we offer you the opportunity to evaluate your own risk profile through our Self-Risk Assessment tool.

Our Self-Risk Assessment tool allows you to answer a series of questions that will help you determine which risk token level best corresponds to your individual circumstances. By understanding your risk level, you can streamline the onboarding process, ensuring that you provide the necessary credentials and documents for your specific profile.

This self-assessment empowers you to take control of your KYC journey, ensuring that you meet the requirements for your desired level of access while minimizing unnecessary documentation and processes. It's a user-friendly, efficient way to ensure compliance while optimizing the onboarding experience.

To begin your Self-Risk Assessment, simply click below and answer the questions honestly and accurately. We're here to make your onboarding process as smooth as possible, and this tool is just one way we're committed to achieving that goal.

Self Risk Assessment

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